Upravit stránku

Indication list for the spa care of children and adolescents

  • Cancers.
  • Congenital and acquired cardiac and large vessels defects following surgery.
  • Post-transplant conditions.
  • System rheumatic and other collagen diseases with affecting of the circulatory system including the joint forms.
  • Juvenile hypertension.
  • Prognostically serious risk factors (dyslipidemia or a combination of other risk factors: arterial hypertension, obesity and genetic burden).
  • Obesity associated with other risk factors.
  • Peripheral motor neuron syndrome of any etiology.
  • Radicular syndromes of a vertebrogenic origin.
  • Juvenile chronic arthritis.
  • Other chronic rheumatic joint and spinal diseases.
  • Conditions after injuries and orthopedic surgeries with motor function impairment.
  • Morbus Scheuermann.
  • Vertebrogenic algic syndrome.