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Sanatorium Bečva

Professional medical institution for cardiac rehabilitation

The Bečva sanatorium is home to a leading European cardiac rehabilitation centre. It has the latest equipment and qualified personnel. The specialised medical institute for cardiac rehabilitation (SMI), the first and only facility of its kind in the Czech Republic, provides early cardiac rehabilitation. The activity was started in 2009 and almost 1,000 patients are treated here every year.


Patients arrive as soon as 5 to 6 days after cardiac surgery, usually after the following surgical interventions – bypass, combined surgery (bypass + heart valve) and other cardiac surgeries. The age composition of patients and the presence of associated diseases of elderly patients after cardiac surgeries require special rehabilitation programmes to be created. Nursing care has also an important role in the SMI activity, including daily doctor rounds and an individually compiled rehabilitation programme based on the current health status of the patient. The aim of the SMI stay is to return the patient to their daily life in the fastest possible manner.

Medical Examinations

ECG, echocardiography, spirometry, functional examination stress test – spiroergometry, ergometry, polar, holter, laboratory tests of blood and urine.